About russ

One of Russ' passions in life is to see "leaders and organizations positioned for greater global impact". For the past 25 years, Russ has been involved in training leaders and coaching organizations around the world. 

Russ is a Certified LifePlan and StratOp Facilitator with the Paterson Center. He is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Cultural Intelligence.

Russ has undergraduate degrees in Business and Christian Education, and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership with a focus on Organizational Design.

He has been married to Gina for 30 years, and they live in Southern California. They have 3 adult kids who live close by.

What others are saying about Russ

"Russ found me as a leader of medium impact as a youth pastor missionary in Peru. He knew that with a little encouragement, someone walking alongside of me, training and a community he could allow God to use me to be a major impact for His kingdom.

15 years later the youth ministries has multiplied to over 1000 youth in that city alone, with 6 youth pastors we trained. We have started an organization called Inca Link that exists to reach the 300 million youth in Latin America. We have 18 full time missionaries who raise their support and serve with over 80 nationals in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia in 43 projects. In the last 5 years we have reached 20,000 people for Christ and over 1.5 million heard the gospel through our people.

How did Russ help? He gave me the confidence, he helped me learn more about myself and why God has put me on this earth, when to say no, and when to say yes, when to rest, and when to bull doze forward. He helped us establish our board for inca link and he helped us reposition it to have a strong, committed board today. He gave me a community with other men to help me lean on others, support others and love to be loved. He taught us how to take a day off, how to love our spouse and children and how to engage daily with the King." - Rich, Ecuador

"Russ has played a crucial part in both the development of my leadership and the philosophy I now use for the development of Godly leaders in Africa. Russ has impacted my life and ministry in incredible ways." - Gerhard, South Africa


"I have never met anyone so passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced in the field of leadership development as Russ Cline. His remarkable wisdom and practical trainings have radically transformed the way I lead my team and run programs for the urban poor in Manila. Russ developed me from a timid and naive leader to a confident and astute one. Besides providing the relevant and applicable trainings for my position, Russ also takes a genuine interest in my personal life and my growth as a disciple of Christ. He has helped me rediscover my purpose and my personal vision and mission. I am forever grateful to Russ for his invaluable contributions to my personal development and subsequently to the growth and success of our organization. God has given Russ an exceptional gift and a special anointing to lead the leaders of His Kingdom with a confidence, grace and humility that come only from the Spirit. Standing at the forefront of Christian leadership today, Russ is one of the most valuable resources a leader could have." - John, Philippines

 "Russ Cline has invested in my life in such a powerful way that my leadership ability and capability has increased in a level I could never have reached without his valuable training and mentoring.  Before knowing Russ, I was leading a team of four under a missions organization in the Philippines.  At one point, under his mentoring, my team grew to 42. I myself lead my own organization now and out of my team came leaders who are also leading their own organizations.  They are involved in various activities such as caring for orphans and vulnerable children, empowering women, providing educational assistance, and caring for the sick with the end goal of bringing souls to God's Kingdom."  - Joshua, Philippines