lifeplan facilitation

I had a LifePlan done when I turned 52 years of age. I wasn't in any major crisis or point of transition, but I wanted to simply see if I was on track.

I spent 2 days putting my life on a series of charts, and the vision was amazing. The process was nostalgic, but then it turned electric as things began to jump of the charts and turned into some action steps for my future.

It was so impactful that I pursued certification as a facilitator because I wanted to help others experience what I did.

I can help you with a LifePlan!

LifePlan is a two-day, one-on-one process where, with me as your Guide:
- You gain clear perspective on your life
- You create your LifePlan
- You plan for how to put it into action
- You are prepared and equipped with tools to renew your LifePlan

This proven process, developed over 40 years, has helped over 3,000 people who have felt stuck. Today, they live lives of purpose, passion, and impact.

The process involves 15 proven tools that guide you into the 4 phases of the LifePlan process:

1. PERSPECTIVE - Where am I now?

2. PLANNING - What's important now?

3. MANAGEMENT - How am I doing?

4. RENEWAL - What must change?

And to help you live your LifePlan, we'll get everything onto one page, your "LifePlan On A Page."

If you would like to contact Russ about facilitating a LifePlan, write to

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