Russ' Friday Five

Five Things I Want To Share With You Today...

#1)  Here's a great Patrick Lencioni quote I've been thinking about this week:  "When we avoid necessary pain, we not only fail to experience the gain, we also end up making the pain worse in the long run."  What do you think about that?

#2) A great podcast I listened to this week came from Andy Stanley. He shares a 2-part podcast entitled, "How to Lead When You're Not In Charge". I encourage you to listen to both of these episodes.  He answers the question, "How do you leverage influence when you lack authority?"

CLICK HERE for Andy's Leadership Podcast

#3) I shared a blog post on CHANGE a couple of months ago, and I want to encourage you to read it.  CLICK HERE or visit our leadership tips and tools pages at:

#4) A great book I just finished by Cal Newport is entitled "Deep Work:  Rules for focused success in a distracted world"  This book really caused me to think about how I deal with multi-tasking, how I can use FOCUS to get my best work done and how to be more disciplined with my time. I encourage you to read this. It will challenge you.

#5) A great APP a friend told me about last week is called "Time Zone Helper". This app lets you manage and convert time zones around the world. If you're trying to schedule a meeting or figure out quickly what time it is in another city, this app is a great help.  CLICK HERE for the ITunes store or look it up.

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