Tuesday at 2:00pm with Russ

Time Leadership

I don't talk about Time Management anymore.  I talk about TIME LEADERSHIP.

Many of us spend so much energy trying to "manage" our time, and the reality is that our time is limited, it's somewhat controlled, and if we're just trying to manage it, then there's nothing real strategic about it.

Bob Shank taught be about "TIME LEADERSHIP". The idea is that as leaders, we decide where we want to spend our time based on our goals, based on our priorities and based on what will produce the greatest outcomes. WE decide. We don't simply try to manage whatever morsels of time are on our plate, but we made decisions around what is important.

One of the tools I've shared with you over the years is to simply "make an appointment with yourself". The idea is this:

- We often make time for other peoples questions, issues or their crisis

- Many times we allow other peoples chaos to keep us from getting down what we really want to and need to get done.

- When we make an appointment with ourself, we're simply looking at our day and deciding where we're going to spend our time. We schedule and block important tasks, projects and activities.

- When someone comes to you with an urgent, but not important issue, your response is simply, "I have an appointment at that time". What you are doing is your prioritizing your time and schedule and you're making sure you get the most urgent and the most important things accomplished as well as spending time on some things that aren't as urgent, but might be more important.

- If you work with people, you can't dodge them all the time. You need to be available, but the challenge is for you to schedule that time and to be available, but not at the risk of not getting your stuff done!

It's pretty simple...  LEAD YOUR TIME. Don't let others TAKE YOUR TIME.

Tuesday at 2:00pm is a simple note that comes out weekly that will give you a practical reminder or an idea to incorporate into your leadership. It's a 5 or 10 minute appointment that will help you become a better leader. It's published at 2:00pm PST each Tuesday, whatever time that is for you and it will be distributed to a global audience of leaders.  Make an appointment each Tuesday at 2:00pm.

Jim Rohn said: "Either you run the day, or the day runs you."



Source: www.leadermundial.org