Russ' Friday Five

Five Things I Want To Share With You Today...

#1) One of my "life mentors" is a guy named Jim Burns. Jim has walked with me for over 30 years as a youth pastor, a missionary, a leader, a husband and a father. He's influenced my life and I've shared the things he challenged with with to so many other people. To learn more about Jim and what his organization, HomeWord is doing to "help families succeed", CLICK HERE.  He's the real deal!  Thanks Jim for your influence, example and generosity for so many years.


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#3) A great thought:  "I'm only responsible for what I say; not for what you understand".

#4) Bill Hybels writes this book, "Leadership Axioms". A great read and reminders of some core leadership principles! 

#5) OK... this is just for fun. Watch James Corden sing with Elton John in Carpool Karaoke. It will brighten your day!  CLICK HERE



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