Monday Morning with Russ

It's January 1st, 2018.

Are you READY?       Are you SET?       Let's GO!

I heard those words last month in a class at my gym. The instructor had positioned us at our stations, and then she said this real slow.... "READY, SET, GO".

As she paused between each word, I thought about what it meant.

Flashbacks to high school track and field and the start of every race!

Are you READY?   Have I prepared enough? Do I know what I'm doing? Am I using my skills, abilities, strengths, talents, passions? Have I done the work needed to get to this point?

Are you SET?  Can I focus? How's my breathing?  It's coming now!

Let's GO!  Here we go, it's time to start. It's time to move forward. It's time to act.

I'm thinking through these words as I begin this New Year.

At times I feel like I'm in a race, and here I am today, standing on the starting line, and I'm asking myself if I'm READY!

Let's spend some time unpacking this idea of READY, SET, GO.

But for today, just take some time to think, pray, ponder, imagine and visualize the RACE that is before you!

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