Monday Morning With Russ

Good Morning!

I talked about being "Ready", being "Set" and being ready to "Go", as I looked at the New Year. It's now February and like all other years, I find myself struggling to keep up with the pace and with all of the opportunities that are in front of me.

The reality is that there will "always" be opportunities.

I'm simply have to figure out which ones are the most important for me!

Do you find yourself struggling with this too?

Here are a couple of things that help:

#1) Surround Yourself With People that Help: I need people in my life who will speak truth to me, who won't be impressed by me and who love me enough to confront me. I need COMMUNITY. I just wrote a blog post on this on the Leader Mundial Pages. CLICK HERE to read it.

#2) Always Be Working Towards Your Goals: It's not enough to just manage yourself. You have to be working towards the things that are most important for you, now.  Another way to ask that is to simply say, "What's Important Now?". The LifePlan Process I walk through with Leaders helps to identify these most important steps. CLICK HERE to learn more about this.

#3) Learn To Say NO: One of my mentors, Jim Burns, used to always say to me, "You have to say no".  Ted Engstrom once said, "You'll be measured more by what you say NO to then by what you say YES to."  When you say YES, it means you're saying NO to something else. You don't have to do it all. You just need to do what's most important for you, today!

The New Year is hear, in fact we've already moved through almost 6 weeks of it.

Make every day that's yet to come the best day possible! There is still time to get to the things that are most important to you.

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