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Wow! Last week I began a conversation around your "MORNING ROUTINE" and I've been inundated with emails, thoughts, questions and ideas. If you'd like to read the post from last week that started this conversation, CLICK HERE

The question was simple: If you have a morning routine, what is it?

I heard from about 70 different people, and their routines are all different and accomplish different things.

Some focused on "what you do in the morning". This includes things like: brush my teeth, have a cup of coffee, read the paper, go for a walk, make my bed, comb my hair.

I would call most of these "morning habits". (I can hear my mother saying, "Russ, make your bed before breakfast!")

Some focused on the "purpose behind the morning activity". These included things like:  stretched my back out so I can make it through the day, make a quality cup of coffee to start the day on a positive note, read the Word of God to get hope for the day, journal my prayers to have a record of the things I'm praying about and watch the news to be up on current events.

While these might be habits, there is something else driving these habits, a bigger purpose behind it. 

Some made a list of their activity: check email, read social media, make breakfast, read the news, watch the news, respond to urgent emails, spend time meditating, talk with my spouse, pray with my spouse, hug my kids, walk the dog.

These may just be habits, they may have purpose, or they might be simply activity.

Here's what I'm thinking: Each of us can fill time each morning with activity. This activity might be things we just need to do, or they might be things that are being driven by something greater.

I want to change the question today:  "What do you want to feel like each morning AFTER you walk through your morning routine?"

The question goes addresses what you're hoping to accomplish by completing all of this activity.

This morning, as I've been processing your notes and comments all week, I had a great morning that included multiple cups of really good coffee, a good strength and stretching session, time in the Word, time in my journal, and a walk outside. It was really good.  When I finished, I felt good, but I was trying to figure out why I felt good. 

If you were to start from scratch, and tomorrow is your FIRST 

morning routine, what would you want to feel like after you had 

accomplished it? What are you hoping for?

We can then talk about the activities or habits you need to create to achieve that.

Send me your thoughts, ideas, questions  HERE

or comment below.

"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine."  John C. Maxwell

Source: www.leadermundial.org