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It's Tuesday at 2:00pm! (PST Time: I live and work from Los Angeles)

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and engaging on this Morning Routine Conversation.

This past week I had a unique opportunity to get some "SPACE". I participated in an experience called The Rogue Journey   CLICK HERE FOR INFO

I won't share the details of this incredible experience, but I encourage you to check out their website and information. It was a much-needed 3 days in the mountains of Colorado.

I think the thing that I appreciated the most was the extra SPACE that was provided to me. I've just come off of a pretty heavy season of travel, some high-engaging events and just a busy number of weeks. I needed this SPACE to process, to recharge and to begin to look forward.  I walked away from this time more committed to figure out this Morning Routine that we're talking about, and I'm committed to continue to learn from so many of you that have shared your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

I'm reading through a book that has become a constant companion over the past few years, "EAT, MOVE, SLEEP" by Tom Rath.  CLICK HERE    I use the book as a simple way to learn, to remember, and to keep moving in the right direction. I realize how important these 3 things are to me: How I eat, movement throughout the day, and getting enough sleep.

I've learned that my ability to function at a high level is often determined by how I'm doing in these three areas, so these things have become a part of my Morning Routine.

One of the lines from the cover of the book really summarizes my quest for health:  "How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes".   I encourage you to read this book if you can.

Here are a couple of thoughts that were sent in to me this past week about morning routines:

*Alan shares, "My morning routine starts the night before. Falling to sleep in communion with God influences your thoughts through the night and how you start off the day - even before you become intentional about starting your new day."

*John shared this: "When I start the day with my morning routine and it's working well then I run my life rather than letting my life run me."

*Susan shared this: "When I set 30 minutes aside each morning, first thing, it helps me focus on what my goals are for the day. Starting this way helps to make the day productive."

Here's the challenge today for those that want to ENGAGE in this conversation around Morning Routines:

June 1st is coming soon! It's just 3 days away.  Here's the challenge:

* Write down your planned "Morning Routine" that you will begin on June 1st.

* Share that with me, and then practice it at least 15 times throughout the month of June.

* Share how the routine helps you, what works and what didn't work.

Here's the Morning Routine I'm going to start with on Saturday:


*10 minutes of physical stretching and yoga: Just to get moving

*A cup of great coffee!

*10 minutes of Lectio Divina (meditating on a passage from Psalms)

*Morning Papers: Writing in my journal whatever is on my mind from the day/night before

*Daily Planning & Pray: Again, journaling around some things I have before me in the coming day and praying through my day and list.

That's it.  It's been taking me about 40 minutes to do this over the past week. I usually then follow it with a walk of some kind before starting my day, but this is my plan.

What's yours?  Send it to me HERE and I'll compile them to share with others if you don't mind.

Again, this isn't about the LIST of things you do in the morning. This is about what you want to do and can do that will move you closer to being who you want to be!  There's purpose in these actions that affect your life, your leadership and your relationships. 

Don't be afraid to start small... you might begin with:

*I'm going to journal and pray every day for 10 minutes

*I'm going to stretch my back out each morning while listening to a podcast

*I'm going to journal my goals each day

Don't make it complicated. Just make it intentional!

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"Waking up early, connecting with nature, and having my quiet time are priorities to me, and they are non-negotiable." - Danette May

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